PROJECT : True & True coffee

LOCATION : Sin Sien Yer Pao Branch | Cha-ruen-krung Rd., BKK., Thailand

OWNER : True Corporation PLC.

AREA :  190 Sq.m.

COMPLETION :  September 2014

DESIGN TEAM : Sirichai Sitdhisant, Autthawut Krauthongsri, Thannaree Chaichan

PHOTOGRAPHER : Dhirachat Sittisun

The 3 storey of historical architectural European style located in the shopping area at the S.A.B. intersection on Chareunkrung Road, Which is the heart of the business district of Bangkok old town. Was created to be the location of the Belgians (SAB) who came to run business at the time.

Currently, on the corner of this intersection. Became the headquarters of the Chinese-language newspaper “Sin Sian Yer Pao” which this building was registered as a historical building and is managed by the Department of Fine Arts.

The environment and context of the people in this area, most of whom are ethnic Chinese who settled in Thailand live and work together for more than a hundred years.

An important part of interior design. Most definitely! In addition, we will consider the Brand Identity of “true”

we must respect the context of the neighbourhood too, whether it’s the people, the culture, so that is consistent with the community.

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